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"Founder of Suit Her, Michele Yulo giving her TED Talk on parenting and gender."


Suits are completely missing in the mainstream girl apparel market. I know because I've looked and done the research. I've spoken with others who have looked as well and who also ended up having to buy a suit for a girl that is fitted for a boy. While a lot of girls love dresses (both for fancy and not-so-fancy occasions), an alternative is sorely needed..

My story begins with my daughter who is now ten years old. At age three, she began to make her own choices about the clothing she wanted to wear. She did not like pink and she did not like sparkles. She liked bright and bold colors. She liked things not found in typical girls' departments.

Back in 2010, when she was five, she wanted to wear a tuxedo to her violin recital. She always loved ties - especially bow ties. From a very young age she wanted a tuxedo. She would say, "Mom, I want a tornado!" [sic] We searched and searched and couldn't find one for we bought her a boy's tux. She wore it proudly with her black and white Jordan high-top sneaks and her (then) long hair pulled back in a ponytail. Since then, she has opted to wear suits for many occasions.

SUIT HER will offer hip, unique, ready-to-wear suits for girls aged five to twelve that are full of fun detail and made to fit a girl's body. The designs for the initial SUIT HER collection for girls will go into production once the funds are raised and the campaign closes. They will be high-quality suits with hand-picked fabrics and lots of attention to detail and fit. Finally! Girls will be able to choose a suit made just for them!

Our initial collection will offer three different looks: The General She (casual), The Classic She (semi-formal), and The She-She (formal). Each jacket can be paired with a bottom of choice (pants, shorts, or skirt). This provides several styles to accommodate a girl's personal taste in a variety of circumstances, from casual to dressy. In addition, we will offer a white, Oxford-style, button-down long-sleeved shirt along and will be featuring several super cool tie options from Cyberoptix Tie Lab.

Alternatives are sorely lacking

Many parents have sent me pictures of their girls dressed in suits, but they are boys' suits. Women wear suits and it is not only acceptable, but stylish. Why can't little girls? They should not have to wear a suit that is too broad in the shoulders, short in the arms and baggy in the pants. In short, they shouldn't have to wear a suit that isn't tailored for their bodies. Enter SUIT HER!


What we offer





What we have created

The Classic She

The Classic She is that classic suit look, but with unique details like burlap elbow patches and dark purple satin trim around the pockets. This look is strikingly fashion-forward with our crisp, white button-down shirt and tie of choice. (Tie pictured is a dinosaur silkscreen pattern by Cyberoptix Tie Lab.)

The General

The General She is a fun take on the military look, featuring army green cotton twill fabric, gold metallic buttons, and a star on the back of the jacket. Also included are several detachable epaulets for added color and flair.


The She-She is exactly as it sounds...a high-end look for any formal occasion. Wear it with a skirt, pants, or shorts depending on the event. The bright red buttons and satin details will blow everyone away!

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